LETTER:‘Get it fixed’

It does not cost much for chairs, and an exhaust fan is a must. how could this have gone on for so long. These people risk their lives everyday and do it out of pure selflessness. Not sure about the cracks in the floors, concrete is going to crack, patching it won't do anything. The engineer should inspect every few years to make sure none of the supports are getting weak. Its steel I beams holding the weight, I know concrete cracks due to temperature and weight of the trucks so patching is pointless. Now if it was a step in the crack i would really be concerned because i would guess that means the actual floor sank and that could get worst.. I’m just in shock about them not having an exhaust fan, it’s bad enough they breath in all kinds of stuff out on the job, why should anyone have to be breathing in more fumes .. get it fixed .. Thank you to all who serve and have served.. I hope this gets resolved asap.