LETTER: Health care for women and seniors

I am concerned about those less fortunate than I. This week, the GOP leadership will seek to pass legislation to block millions of people currently covered by the Affordable Care Act from accessing essential health care. In a veiled attempt to hide targeting Planned Parenthood for defunding, millions of women will lose birth control and cancer screenings, 60,000 of whom are Connecticut residents. Community health centers will not be able to handle patients who lose access to Planned Parenthood. I am deeply concerned, that the replacement AHCA health care program eliminates an important source of health care for women, will increase the insurance cost of seniors and place an incredible financial burden on states who will be unable to shoulder huge losses in federal funding. Why are these priority items on the GOP budget-cutting agenda? Women make up over half the population of the U.S. Seniors deserve full health support and failure to provide this will result in huge burdens on the young families who must care for them. Attacking women's and seniors' ability to access quality, affordable health care they need defies common sense. Something is wrong when government refuses to acknowledge health care as a right of all Americans. Our GOP controlled government needs to care more about the well-being of Americans than a 7 year obsession with overturning "Obamacare".