LETTER: Local heat wave safe zones available

The extended heat wave we are experiencing has everyone looking for cool places to go to. Many in Shelton and the surrounding area do not have air conditioned homes.

After being asked the question by a concerned SRTC members spouse of where people can go to keep cool, especially the elderly, I inquired from several different sources in the City of Shelton and from State of Connecticut.   Locally the Libraries, Senior Center and the Community Centers are welcoming places, if you can get to a shopping mall they are also safe havens.   Each of these venues has limited hours of operations in the evening.   They are open during the hottest times of the day and can be a comforting places to go to.   To get more information about staying cool please call 211.  The operators who answer the 211 call will use your zip code location to assist you with more information.

This PSA is sponsored by the Shelton Republican Town Comm.