LETTER: Millennials are not the Enemy

I would like to respond to the column by Joe Pisani last week titled, " Millennials and the new Generation Gap". The article seems to blame my generation for everything from the broken social security system, to changes in industries like print media and fast food. That's awfully presumptive to blame us for the changes to newspapers and books. Technology has changed print media, it is not something that is avoidable. As for soda, fast food, and cereal, god forbid we would want to eat healthier. If America's food culture is about eating Lucky Charms every morning, and McDonalds every night, then maybe it needs a change.

My generation is being labeled lazy and uncaring. We are called moochers and branded as idealists. This is simply not true, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, my age group 18-34 now makes up over 50 percent of the work force. Our unemployment rate is only about 6 percent. More women in our age group are in the work force, especially educated women. They make up a greater percent of the workforce than anytime in U.S. history. So we are certainly paying into social security. Politicians of previous generations have made it insolvent, not millennials.

To blame us for massing college loan debt is ridiculous, we must go to school to get better jobs. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials who have college degrees make 33 percent more money, and our unemployment rate drops to 3.8 percent. We need education to make it in today's world. A high school diploma is not enough for today's employers.

Finally, I personally take offense that because millennials are less religious than older generations, we are somehow less moral. I am happily married, and so are many of my friends. When surveyed about their priorities, millennials have said their top three are: being a good parent, having a successful marriage, and helping others in need. You do not need to be religious, to be a moral person. I do hope that some of these misconceptions about people of my generation are resolved. Change isn't always a bad thing.