LETTER:‘Nearby urban parents are no different than Shelton’s parents’

I am appalled by comments attributed to Representative Perillo and Alderman Anglace in your article “City Dreads Potential State Cuts” (March 9, 2017).  It is one thing to represent the interests of Shelton.  It is quite another to impugn urban parents.  For those of us who have ventured outside of our suburban bubble, we know that nearby urban parents are no different than Shelton’s parents in their dedication to their children and their education.  It is beyond my comprehension that anyone could possibly think otherwise, let alone have the audacity to state such opinions publicly.

I do not know either of these gentlemen.  Perhaps this is just some political tactic that will benefit our city, but it is wrong.  By all means, represent Shelton, but not by denying the basic humanity of good people living just a few miles away.