LETTER: Oppel won't seek reelection to education board after serving for 12 years

I would like to say thank you to my friends and neighbors who, for the past 12 years, have supported my candidacy for the Board of Education. After much reflection and prayerful consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking re-election this year. It has been an honor to serve. While I believe that I helped make our education program better for all our students, there is still much to do. While I was on the Board I help to start all day Kindergarten and worked to have Perry Hill School was opened. I presented our case for enhancement of educational opportunities and expansion of technology for all students. I was fortunate to have been selected twice by my fellow members to serve as Chairman. I was able to work with three Superintendents, (Robin Willink, Freeman Burr and Dr. Chris Clouet) each of whom contributed positively by working to improve the scholastic results of the young citizens of Shelton.

After almost 40 years of public service, I started serving in the administration of Mayor Eugene Hope in 1977 and became Shelton’s youngest Administrative Assistant in 1980; served 7 years as a Trustee of the Connecticut Colleges; 10 years as a Governor’s appointee to the Connecticut Employment and Training Commission and have been a Board Chairman and member of the Executive Committee of The WorkPlace (Southwestern Connecticut’s nationally recognized Workforce Development Board) for over 25 years, it is best for Patty and I that I take some time off.

My heart will always be closest to the Shelton Public Schools. 5 of our soon to be 15 grandchildren will be enrolled in classes here this fall. I know that those who will lead the District will work diligently to insure that our students leave with the best possible education that can be provided for the funds allocated.

Thank you again for your past support.