LETTER:Residents missing Derby Walmart service

The most we will miss upon the closing of the Derby Wal-Mart store located two miles from our home on July 29 will be the loss of our personal pharmacy department needs provided by friendly and very efficient employees Mark and Melissa. We were only provided this type of old-time corner drug store treatment when we lived in downtown Shelton six decades ago by the historic Mahoney's Drug Store which was located in the Pierpont Building at the corner of Howe Avenue and White Street only two blocks from our former residence. The only personalized service that Wal-Mart Pharmacy did not provide us was the generous and mouth-watering ice-cream soda that they featured at their old-time soda fountain. Otherwise Wal-Mart pharmacy employees always have greeted US RESPECTFULLY  by name with a smile on their faces just like we received at Mahoney's Drug Store.