LETTER–Voting is an American's duty

Voting to select the persons who will govern our local, state and federal governments is one of the single and most important duty of every US Citizen. This privilege is due to the sacrifices made by the men and women who, from the birth of our nation in 1776, have served in our USA military forces and in some cases given the supreme sacrifice so that others could live in peace and with the freedoms that are promised in the United States Constitution.

The Shelton Republican Town Committee respects and honors the members of the military past and present for their commitment to our nation and will be available to assist persons who require rides to the polls or with obtaining absentee ballots and registering to vote in the upcoming Nov. 8th election.  Any Person who requires any assistance to vote may call the Shelton RTC office at 93 Center St., Shelton to request assistance at 203-605-7712.

Persons who need absentee ballots can also call the Town Clerks office at 203-924-1555 Ext. 1503 or the Registrar of Voters Office at Ext. 1502 to check on polling and registering locations.

Please come out to vote on Nov. 8th and bring a family member, neighbor or friend.  Every vote counts and every citizen should vote.  Polls are open from 6A to 8P. The SRTC office will open at 7 a.m. on Nov. 8.