LETTER: ‘We certainly don't need to ruin 120 acres of beautiful land’

I watched the Planning & Zoning Commission take up Shelter Ridge over the past several months, and ultimately saw it passed 4-2.

I hope the Planning & Zoning Commission would take a good look at these massive developments and work to scale them back - or reject them.  Shelter Ridge is planning over 300,000 square feet of retail space with 3,000 parking spaces - we don't need that amount of additional strip malls, or that many more cars on Bridgeport Ave. We certainly don't need to ruin 120 acres of beautiful land that has walking trails families enjoy.

I was impressed with a Commissioner's comments when he said "If Shelton is in such an enviable economic position, then we can say no and insist on good economic growth that respects our community. I will not support offering the most critical pieces of land we have left to the biggest developers." That Commissioner is Jimmy Tickey, and I found his remarks to be thoughtful with a  clear focus on the future of Shelton.

Thank you to Commissioners Jimmy Tickey and Tony Pogoda for voting no on Shelter Ridge and voting for us citizens.