Land Conservation Trust emphasizes the need for support of local farmers

The Shelton Land Conservation Trust is encouraging residents to renew or sign up for a membership, support their local farmers and to learn more about their surroundings.

A year-long membership is $15 per family and a life long membership is $250.

Shelton’s Land Conservation Trust will hold its annual public meeting at the Plumb Memorial Library on Wednesday, April 19  at 7 p.m. to discuss the importance of supporting farmers, both past and present.

The meeting is dedicated to local farmers because of the high contribution they make to overall conservation efforts, according to Land Conservation Trust board member Lynn Todd Reid.

During their meeting they will also showcase Shelton resident, Beverly Corvino’s, documentary entitled The New Farmer’s Voice which emphasizes the importance of supporting local farmers.

Reid said the Land Trust’s goal is to raise public awareness to the value of their mission.

“My plan is to offer events and outings so that families get comfortable and find pleasure on our trails and farmlands,” said Reid. “The more they discover the joys and benefits, the more they will care about protecting these lands, waterways and critters into the future. We need to connect with the next generation to encourage them to become future stewards and caretakers.  Today's conservationist and naturalist won't be here forever.  The goal is to know that we have successfully passed the baton.  Like the Native Americans, we want to Leave this Land even better than we found it!”
For more information visit or follow them on Facebook by searching Shelton Land Conservation Trust, Inc.