Lauretti set to begin 13th term

‘Thank you for being a part of the winning team’


Election Day 2015 provided similar results to the past 24 years, at least in terms of the mayoral race. Mayor Mark Lauretti is set to begin his 13th term in office after defeating his Democratic counterparts by a landslide.

Mayor Lauretti won the election over Democratic nominee Michele Bialek by a vote of 6,829 to 2,560. Write-in candidate Timothy Bristol finished with 17 votes.

The Republican headquarters on Howe Avenue was filled Tuesday night as they dominated the election overall.The majority of the crowd that had gathered for the results at Republican Headquarters knew Lauretti had won while awaiting for the votes from Ward 1.

Shelton's Republican party is now the majority on the Board of Aldermen, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Board of Apportionment and Taxation.

The majority of the crowd that had gathered for the results at Republican Headquarters knew Lauretti had won while awaiting for the votes from Ward 1.

The gathering for the Democrats wasn’t as joyous, but Democratic nominee Bialek sees a silver lining to the outcome.

Bialek said her campaign has increased her connection with the people of Shelton.

Before the results were announced, she said win or lose she will continue to try and help the city continue its progress.

“Win or lose I will still be a part of it,” said Bialek. “Once you’ve connected with your community on this level, it doesn’t go away it only grows from here. Thank you to everybody, the voters and my supporters. This was awesome.”

She added she would be happy with seeing an increase in voter turnout, that has yet to be determined, but she did earn more than 400 votes more than the 2013 Democratic challenger David Gioiello.

Write-in candidate Timothy Bristol said the voter turnout in this year’s election wasn’t what he had hoped, but the outcome has inspired him to be more involved in the community.

“Not enough people came out to vote so Lauretti won by a huge margin,” said Bristol. “I am going to be showing up more town hall meetings and Board of Aldermen meetings just to see what I can do myself over the next two years to help the city. I spoke with some of the Board of Aldermen and people on the Board of Ed and they all told me to get more involved. The city will be seeing more of me.”

Bristol didn’t gather as many votes as his competition but said he hopes voter turnout in the future will increase.

“The people have spoken, but not enough of them,” said Bristol.

Lauretti didn’t mention either of his competitors in his victory speech, but instead prepared the crowd to get back to the city’s initial game-plan the following day.

“Tomorrow’s a work day so we will get right back to what we were already doing,” said Lauretti.

He added that the city of Shelton is an anomaly that will continue to thrive.

“The hard-working, taxpaying people of this community are getting another break, because they deserve it,” said Lauretti. “Shelton is not the norm. We haven’t raised taxes in 5 years, we haven’t laid anyone off, we haven’t cut anybody off, we haven’t cut any services, businesses keep coming, and there’s 2000 more people working here. These are very telling statistics. Thank you for being a part of the winning team.”

The Republicans maintained their 7-1 majority on the Board of Aldermen.

Jack Finn, Democrat running for Alderman out of Ward 1, defeated his Republican counterpart David Gidwani by a vote of 1,490 to 1,350.

Jim Capra, a Republican out of Ward 4 will replace John Papa, who is retiring from the Board of Aldermen.

Democrat David Gioiello won his first race this year after defeating John Francino-Quinn, an incumbent Republican, for a spot on the Board of Education.

The Democrats who won may have received fewer votes than some of the unsuccessful Republicans, but they were elected by a provision that guaranteed them a minority party representation on the board.

The results of all the races are below.