Lauretti traces his roots during family trip to Italy

Mayor Mark Lauretti
Mayor Mark Lauretti

Mayor Mark Lauretti said he had “a fantastic time” on a trip to Italy in late August with his entire family.

“It’s important to identify with your place of origin,” said Lauretti, who grew up in a household where both his parents spoke fluent Italian.

Lauretti, his wife, and their four children spent time visiting with relatives near Naples. He has cousins who live in the area.

He was presented with a plaque in Savignano Irpino, a village in the province of Avellino that is inland from Naples, where his family can trace its roots.

Lauretti speaks somewhat fluent Italian himself due to his family background and because he played professional basketball in Italy when younger. He also took Italian classes for four years while attending college.

Time along the coast

The Lauretti family’s trip also included time along the Amalfi coast, a popular tourist area known for its stunning coastal landscape.

“The scenery is spectacular,” the mayor said. “The ocean is like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

He said it’s amazing how communities were built along the coast, with the mountainous terrain. “Everything is narrow — the roads, homes and businesses are small,” he said.