Layer of asphalt put down in Shelton library’s new lot

The new Plumb Memorial Library parking lot received some asphalt before the harsh, cold winter set in, meaning it may be available for employee use in the coming months.

The paving took place a few weeks ago, during an earlier snow event.

“It was fun to see the clouds of steam as they paved in the middle of a snowstorm,” said C. Elspeth Lydon, Shelton Library System director. “We were quite surprised to see them rolling the surface out that day.”

Asphalt plants close down for the winter in Connecticut based on weather conditions, usually in late December, so paving activity comes to a halt.

Mainly for library employees

The parking lot will be used primarily by library employees, freeing up many spaces next to the Plumb Memorial building now used by the workers.

Lydon said spaces in the original lot will be more convenient for the public since they are closer to the building. “They should be safer as well since using them will not involve crossing a street,” she said.

The lot is not open to the public at this time because four light poles still need to be installed and the white lines have not been painted to mark parking spaces.

Plus, more asphalt may be put down to bring the finished surface up to the level of the storm drains.

Lydon said the Library Board was “was pleased to see the progress be as quick as it was” with the project, once the construction phase began.

Will be 25 new parking spaces

The 0.15-acre Wooster Street site will become home to 25 new parking spaces, to be used for employee parking and overflow patron parking.

The lot borders on Coram Avenue to the west, Perry Avenue to the south and Wooster Street to the north. It is directly across the street from the library’s more modern wing.

The parcel once was the site of a home, but it was purchased a few years ago by the Library Board to eventually add more parking.

Lydon has said the additional parking is needed. “It’s a wonderful solution to a problem that’s growing and growing,” Lydon said of the limited parking now at Plumb.

Grading, drainage, retaining wall

The city engineer’s office came up with the design for the lot, which included grading the land, constructing a retaining wall along Coram Avenue, and adding drainage, lighting, and decorative fencing.

G. Pic and Sons Construction Co. of Bridgeport is being paid $164,230 to build the lot. Pic and Sons was one of seven firms to bid on the project.

The new lot’s entrance will be on Wooster Street.