Letter: Christian day of Sabbath abused by Derby City Hall?

Sunday is generally regarded as a Christian day of Sabbath which some say may have been abused by the use of Derby City Hall for a 7 a.m Sunday Nov. 22, meeting called for by the Mayor Anita Dugatto Democratic administration  to review non-emergency qualifications of engineering firms the city is being forced to hire because of an order from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).  The meetings' unusual Sunday time scheduling and lack of advance notice raised concerns among both Democrats and Republicans and no action was taken to signify any results from the meeting.'The meeting certainly sounds unethical," said Derby native J.R. Romano, state Republican Party chairman,  was attended by Mayor Anita Dugatto, Tax Board Chairman Jim Butler, Aldermanic President Art Gerckens, and two Derby City Hall staffers in Henry Domurad and Sal Coppola, the city's finance director. Thomas Herrick, a spokesman from the state Freedom of Information Commission, said the Sunday meeting could be in violation of  the state Freedom of Information Commission.