Letter: Monroe fond of Gidwani

I would like to share a story about my friend David Gidwani.  I have many stories I can share but this one best sums up the kind of person he is, the huge heart he has and ability he has to get things done.

My daughter was part of a middle school student activist group.  One of the members was a classmate who had been being treated for a form of blood cancer at Smilow in New Haven.  The group decided to go to the outpatient unit where he receives his treatments and decorate it for Christmas.  It was a special day for this student to share an intimate part of his life with his classmates and to for them to better understand what he had been going thru. For weeks the kids hand made decorations and arranged for parent carpools to drive them.  As a special treat, the faculty advisor wanted to take the group for some famous New Haven pizza after the decorating.  I was asked to try and arrange for a group of 17 kids and adults to eat at Modern Pizza.   As it turns out, they don't take reservations and the kids were really looking forward to this.  I knew it would be near impossible to get a group that large in, at dinner time, so I took to Facebook for help from anyone with connections.

Within an hour, David texted me to say it was all taken care of.  I have to admit that I was skeptical and a little terrified to let this group down.  When we walked in there was a line of adjoining tables and place settings for 17 people!  We were ushered right in past the lines which made the kids truly felt like royalty.

This may not seem like much but to these kids, on this day, it was everything.

This is the kind of person David is.  He will do anything to help a friend in need and asks for nothing in return.   He is brilliant, savvy, compassionate and effective!  He is devoted to serving his community of Shelton and this State. Shelton’s First Ward would be lucky to have him as their Alderman.


Elaina Wieser

Monroe, CT