Letter to the editor: 'Just say ‘no’

I am very disappointed in some of the recent comments made by Mayor Lauretti concerning the Towne Center at Shelter Ridge development  on Bridgeport Avenue. Did the Mayor drink the Cool Aide? If you can't beat them, join them? The Mayor, himself, has become a property developer in Shelton. Is this a conflict of interest? Yes, the Mayor is correct in stating that the City saw future development coming along Bridgeport Avenue about 40 years ago. But, the City was thinking about development that included light industry, small office buildings, and some retail, not large housing projects all up and down the street. I'm sure the City was not thinking about unsightly nine story, 450 unit housing projects looming over one of the few official scenic roads in the City. The City was not thinking about the total disregard for the existing zoning  regulations. And the Mayor even mentions the probability of more potential projects like this one that we will have to accept.
May I remind the Mayor that it is the City's residents who vote him into office to represent them and not the out of town developers and their lawyers. Have we not learned a lesson from the Olsen Drive projects in Ansonia and what overdevelopment did to that area?

Does Dominick Thomas have his office in City Hall? If he did, there must be adjoining doors to the Mayor's office and the P & Z office. There is a simple solution to all of this overdevelopment; just say no!