Llamas, Library, fun

Miniature llamas Lark and Llucky  entertained a crowd of excited children on July 12 at the Huntington Branch Library program, Learning About Llamas.

AJ Collier from Rowanwood Farm in Newtown brought in her two well-tempered llamas to educate the kids. Collier’s friend, Leslie Alexander, also tagged along to help provide expertise.

"I wanted to have a different animal program from the norm and I know Leslie because she is from Oxford and I was originally a children's librarian there,” said Marissa Ciullo, the family services librarian at the Huntington Branch.

Ciullo saw the llama program at Oxford and thought it would be popular at Shelton with the children.

The group of young kids giggled at the llamas as the light brown Lark and spotted Llucky with her protruding bottom teeth hummed and bobbed their heads around.

"My favorite part about the llamas is petting them, they were cool,” said Meghan Conway, a second grader from Shelton.

These llamas were fine with all of the attention.

"These animals are handled all the time; they are very socialized, and the ones that are friendly like this I use for programs,” said Collier. “The ones that aren't as friendly are saved as breeders and then others that are maybe more protective I'll sell as guards."

Collier said she has always dreamed of working with llamas since she was a child and now brings in the good-natured animals for events and runs the only licensed llama hikes in Connecticut.

Toward the end of the event, Alexander led the children along with stories and songs about llamas as Lark and Llucky watched over.

"My favorite part was Lark singing. I like her humming and also allowing all the kids to have the chance to pet llamas who might have never had the chance to meet a llama before,” said Ciullo. “It's fun to give them new experiences here at the library.”

For more information on events at the Huntington Branch Library, visit their website http://sheltonlibrarysystem.org/events/ or to see the llamas visit http://www.rowanwoodfarm.com/Llamas.html.