Local artist sells painting to famous musician, Lil Yachty

Just weeks after revealing the portrait he had painted of Grammy nominated artist Lil Yachty via Twitter, one local creative decided to deliver the creation himself to the musician at a meet-and-greet in New York City last week.

On June 15, when Founder of ICD studios, located at 132 Center St. in Shelton, Flahn Manly revealed one of his latest pieces of work to the internet it went viral.

Yachty,19, was nominated for a Grammy in 2017 in the category of best rap collaboration on a song called "Broccoli" with another artist named D.R.A.M.

Yachty's first studio album is called "Teenage Emotions" and sold 48,000 copies in its first week of being released in May 2017.

Less than a day after Manly shared a photo of himself standing aside a colorful portrait he had painted of the young musician via Twitter, the tweet had collected nearly 11,000 likes and almost 2,000 retweets.

In awe of the response his painting had been receiving, Manly’s level of happiness skyrocketed when Yachty responded to the photo and confirmed that he saw the artwork.

“Amazing my friend,” Yachty tweeted to Manly. “I must meet you, I must have this.”

At that moment Manly, who also designs clothes for men, women and children, made up his mind that rather than shipping out this piece, as he would normally do, he would be hand delivering it instead.

On Friday, June 30 Manly learned that Yachty was scheduled to appear at a meet-and-greet in a New York Macy’s department store later that day.

Shortly after learning about the meet-and-greet, Manly decided to take the two hour trip to the Macy’s store.

He was greeted by a lengthy line of fans waiting to meet the young artist, but Manly said he was determined to deliver his package and ended up being able to skip the line with the help of Yachty’s security and the painting in his hands.

When he handed Yachty the painting he said that it looked even better in person, according to Manly.

Being a firm believer in chasing dreams, Manly advised all artists and young people to pursue their passions.

“Just keep working, you have to start as soon as possible on whatever it is that you want to do,” said Manly. “Whatever you’re doing probably won’t work on the first try. So try it, fail and try it again. It’s going to suck, but you have to keep trying.”

The Shelton based artist and clothing designer said he’s planning to hold bimonthly art shows at his Center Street storefront and is also working on a collection which he hasn’t set a release date for yet.

For more information visit http://www.icdcreativestudios.us/