Local author publishes book ‘I Have a Friend on Jupiter’

Local author from Shelton Celine Rose Mariotti published a book entitled “I Have a Friend on Jupiter,” which is the story of two young kids, Carlos and Indiana who both love to research about outer space online. They find a website where they can write to aliens in outer space. They both find a friend on the planet of Jupiter. At first, they keep it a guarded secret but then one night they ride their bikes up to the Observatory where they befriend Professor Hagerty and they tell him about their space friends on Jupiter. At first, he is skeptical if the people they are writing to are really aliens from Jupiter. But when their friends from Jupiter let them know they are coming for a visit, he begins to take it a lot more seriously. A whole adventure begins when their space friends from Jupiter come to Earth to visit them. The story takes place in New Mexico. It is published by Dreaming Big Publications and this is the second edition.

The e-book can be purchased on Amazon’s Kindle, Smashwords and other websites for e-books for the price of $2.99.