Lone resident voices support of Shelter Ridge application

Up until last week, residents had been completely opposed to the application and zone change for the Shelter Ridge proposal on the 121-acre property along Bridgeport Avenue, Mill Street and Buddington Road, but Ron Pavlucik of Shelton said he supports the development.

“At the next meeting, I know I may be the only person speaking in favor of this development. I’m going to ask who in the room, if they inherited 200 acres of land, would just keep paying $30,000 or $50,000 a year taxes on it and leave it all trees just so everyone else in town can look at trees?” said Pavlucik. “We went through that with the Split Rock development 10 years ago.”

Pavlucik credits the developments in town for the city budgets being passed without an increase in taxes and said he will speak in favor of the Shelter Ridge project at the Planning and Zoning meeting on May 31.

“There’s plenty of wooded areas in Shelton within a quarter-mile of where this development would be. We’re blessed to have all of this open space,” said Pavlucik. “The only way the budget process will continue to be smooth is if we continue the fine work of the Planning and Zoning administration.”

Pavlucik said the developers modifications to the plans in regard to the boulevard-type roadway, which would run thru the development and connect to Buddington Road, is a good sign for residents.

Madeline Jowdy of Shelton clarified that residents aren’t opposed to further development in the city and realize there is a high probability something will be built within the 121-acre property. Jowdy, who also is a part of the resident-formed opposition to the application called “Save Our Shelton” or “S.O.S.,” said residents’ main concern is the zone change.

S.O.S. has its own Facebook page where supporters voice their concerns with the development. The page currently has 800+ likes from supporters.

Jowdy said S.O.S. members have created a Gofundme account with the purpose of raising money to afford a lawyer to represent the residents opposed to the application. She added that she understands the developers are trying to turn a profit and she would do the same thing if ever in their position, but says Shelter Ridge isn’t a good fit for the proposed area. Their goal is to have a 1,000 residents attend the next Planning and Zoning meeting.

Residents can purchase S.O.S. support signs at the Mill located at 104 Mill St. for $5 each or 3 for $10. The Planning and Zoning Commission will continue to discuss the application at their May 31 meeting at 7 p.m. in the Shelton Intermediate School auditorium.