Long Hill students perform holiday songs for Wesley Village residents

‘They are a talented young group and a tough act to follow’

75 Long Hill Elementary School students visited the Wesley Village senior homes to sing a variety of classic and new holiday songs on Friday Dec. 18.

The school’s music teacher, Nancy Adams said the fourth grade chorus has been rehearsing since the first day of school and have been learning the basics of music with her since kindergarten.

“I use a specific method and am trained in the specific method. It’s called the Kodály method,” said Adams. “It’s all about using our own culture and heritage, our own American folk songs and then drawing from those elements of music that we can isolate and study. The students learn to read pitches and rhythms, but amongst all that we have a lot of fun too.”

Adams said aside from the amount of work the kids put into perfecting their craft, they enjoy what they do.

“They’re exhausted after doing three performances and could use some rest,” said Adams. “They’re really wonderful kids. They gave it 150 percent and have met my high standards. I’m not telling them they sound good, they know they do.”

The annual performance by the school’s chorus was particularly special this year because they got the chance to perform with the newest Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet, following their seven-song-set.

Dr. Clouet played the acoustic guitar in a collaboration with the chorus to perform “Feliz Navidad” and “Santa Claus is Comin to Town.”

“They are a talented young group and a tough act to follow,” said Clouet.

He added that participating in activities such as this performance is a big part of his transition into being the superintendent.

“It’s great to do projects with the students and I look forward to continuing that,” said Clouet. “Mrs. Adams is an incredible teacher and has done a wonderful job, I’m thankful that I got the chance to perform with this group of kids.”

Dr. Clouet wore a Long Hill Elementary tee-shirt rather than his usual suit and tie to the performance in hopes of showing another side of him to the students.

“I think they had fun in both during practice sessions where we got to be a little silly as well as  doing songs that are out of the normal more serious work they do with their music teacher. I’m not as talented as she is, but I think they had fun with me. I was seriously impressed. These kids are serious musicians and I’m hoping that I may have shown that it’s important to keep that musical spirit into adulthood.”