Longtime Shelton teacher to be remembered

A May 2 memorial service will take place to celebrate the life of a teacher who died at age 104 in October 2014.

Naomi S. Bonnell taught sixth grade for many years at the former Huntington School, which now is the Shelton Community Center. She also was a teacher in Monroe and Trumbull during her career.

As a teacher, Bonnell said she “never gave up on anybody.”

'My favorite teacher'

In a 2012 commentary, Shelton farmer Terry Jones called Bonnell “my favorite teacher” and offered his thanks for how she positively influenced his life when he was a young boy.

“Her passion for education motivated us to work hard to meet her rigorous standards,” Jones wrote.

“One could not have asked for a better teacher,” he added.

Had a good memory

Bonnell was born in 1910 on Isinglass Road in Huntington. She was known for having a sharp eye for numbers, sharp ear for grammar, and sharp memory for details. She liked word puzzles and knitting.

She volunteered for 38 years in the Griffin Hospital gift shop and was active with the Huntington Historical Society and Shelton’s AARP chapter.

In her later years, she lived at Crosby Commons before moving to Virginia with a niece.

The memorial will take place Saturday, May 2 at 2 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1734 Huntington Tpke., Trumbull.