Lots of yellow ducks are seen in the Housatonic River

Do you want to “quack-up” this weekend with your family? St. Mary–St. Michael’s School is hosting its seventh annual Housy River Duck Race at Derby Day on Saturday, June 27.

Thousands of rubber ducks, with numbers corresponding to tickets purchased, will be dumped them into the Housatonic River on the Derby-Shelton Bridge (also called Bridge Street), which connects downtown Derby and downtown Shelton.

The school sold over 2,000 plastic ducks at $5 each as a fund-raiser for the school. Students, staff and local nonprofits have all sold the small plastic ducks that will be numbered and put into the Housatonic River.

The duck dumping will begin at 1 p.m., and the first 65 ducks that reach the other side of the course will be a winners for the person who purchased the duck. First prize is $1,000, but the school is the big winner from community support.

Community building, nonprofits’ role

"Our annual Duck Race has a two-fold mission — community building as well as providing income to promote the arts in our school,” said school Principal Linda Coppola.

Local nonprofits also benefited by collaborating with the school to sell ducks. The Valley Boys Scouts, Griffin Hospital, Platt Technical School, St. Catherine Knights of Columbus, Derby Elks Lodge, Relay for Life, St. Michael’s Post Catholic War Veterans, and Spooner House have all worked with the school to sell ducks.

For each duck sold, the nonprofits receive $2 out of the $5.

Spooner House's Executive Director Susan Agamy said of helping the parochial school, "St. Mary-St. Michael’s collects food for Spooner House throughout the year and is a great supporter of the community overall, so we are happy to take part in the event."

Duck Decorating contest too

Tickets for ducks will be sold on the day of the race. The school also will sell 10-inch rubber ducks for the Duck Decorating contest.

The 10-inch rubber ducks are  $10 and the best decorated duck will win prizes that consist of first prize of $50, second prize of $25, and third prize of movie tickets.

For more information on the Housy River Duck Race, email Grace Tores at gtorres@stmarystmichael.org or go to www.stmarystmichaelct.eduk12net