MacIlvain addresses Holden's Sunnyside roof comments

Mark Holden,

I find it interesting how you only once attended a Public Improvement Building Committee (PIBC) meeting over the last two years regarding the Sunny Side Roof project; in fact I remember seeing you at only our November 10, 2015 meeting. Further to make the statement to the Herald “Holden said the City uses a Public Improvement Committee for those projects, which is appointed by the Board of Aldermen” and not further clarify what our committee’s responsibilities entail is misleading to the citizens of Shelton. 1. We are given a project by the Mayor and Alderman. 2. We go out to bid for an Architect. 3. We submit our recommendation to the Mayor and Alderman for the Architect. 4. The Architect draws up plans/drawings that our committee reviews and approves making any changes that are needed. 5. Purchasing puts out a bid package with plans/drawings. 6. Bids come back and our committee reviews with the Architect present and decides on a contractor. 7. We then submit our recommendation to the Alderman and Mayor. 8. If they agree the project moves forward and the city has a project manager in place to track the progress and deal with any issues that arise. Naturally our committee also tracks progress, but if the project stagnates for an issue that needs resolving with Contractor, Architect and City, we are not in the loop, but we do make inquiries. This is why we have not had a meeting in a few months as there has been nothing for our committee to address that would be at our level of responsibility. Also it should be noted that it took over two years to even get to the point of a contractor due to a learning curve outside of our committee's responsibility on filing applications to the state for reimbursement.

It is very disheartening to have our committee continually thrown under the bus when a project such as this one hits yet another obstacle (the last one being the filing with the state which was delayed). We are all volunteers appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Alderman. We meet as often as required to get the projects in to contract status and have always put the citizens of Shelton first.

In closing I would like to know as Chairman of the BOE what plan you have in place in the event a school building ever became unusable. What is your continuity plan?