Mariotti’s ‘The Murder of a Secretary Judd Cane’ has been released

Shelton author Celine Mariotti has released her new book entitled, “The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane” which is the second book in her ongoing series. Her books have been published by of Maryland and can be accessed on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and Omnilit.

In Mariotti’s latest book, “The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane”, the House of Representatives is featured along with a debate on healthcare, mystery and adventure following the murder of Secretary Cane. Congressman Michael Rhodes is accused of the murder.

The first book in the series was released last year and is entitled “The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson” and features the United States Senate as well as a debate on healthcare,  mystery and an adventure of Brian Travors. Travors is the deputy assistant Secretary of State who is behind the kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson.
Readers can also purchase copies of both books from Mariotti personally by contacting her at