Mayor Lauretti presents 2015 Clean Sweep Awards

Mayor Mark Lauretti presented the 2015 Clean Sweep Awards at the Board of Aldermen’s meeting on Thursday night. The awards are designed to give recognition to individuals, businesses, or groups alike that have served the city of Shelton.

Gil Pastor, commissioner of anti-littering committee, was also present for the awards ceremony.

Volunteer of the Year (Business Category)

Electri-Cable Assemblies was named volunteer of the year for the business category. They have cleaned up litter along Ivy Brook and Mountain View Road for several years as a part of Clean Sweep. This year alone they removed 31 bags of litter and a lawnmower. Stephanie Dement accepted the award on their behalf.

Volunteer of the Year (Group Category)

The Well Spring Estates were named with volunteers of the year for the Group category for 2015. Residents of the estates have been cleaning up parts of Old Stratford Road, Far Mill Crossing, and the Far Mill River, an area popular for trout fishing, each year as a part of Clean Sweep. This year they removed 15 bags of litter and John Coniglio was in attendance to accept the award.

Volunteer of the Year (Individual Category)

George Waters was named Volunteer of the Year in 2015 for his use of his kayak and canoe to clean the shores of the Housatonic River and Shelton Canal year-round in the Downtown Derby-Shelton area. He also cleaned up the north end of Canal Street.

Heavy Metal Champions

Boy Scout Troop 28 were named Heavy Metal Champions of 2015. A representative was not in attendance to accept the award, so Mayor Lauretti accepted it on their behalf. The scouts removed a truck from the 1930’s, two swing sets, and 15 bags of litter from the Land Trust property along the Far Mill River and along Shelton Avenue.