Mayoral candidates gearing up for elections

Coming to the home stretch

With Election Day less than a week away, the three candidates running for mayor are all handling the final stretch differently.

As Mayor Mark Lauretti gears up for the chance to be re-elected for a 13th time, he said campaigning has changed drastically in comparison to when he was elected for the first time back in 1991.

“I have a long record that speaks for itself and is envied by people around the state, so when campaign time comes around, for me, it’s all about continuing to do my job on behalf of the city,said Lauretti. “I met with state officials this morning to get more money for downtown, met with some business people to get them to invest in Shelton, and met with pension attorneys. Elections are here and I am still focused on making progress for the city. You’ve got to make progress.”

His opponents, Democratic nominee Michele Bialek and write-in candidate Timothy Bristol, have been busy doing some last-minute door-to-door visits to voters to cap off their campaigns.

Both Bialek and Bristol said campaigning has been a positive experience and they are excited for election day.

Bialek said she’s made campaigning a family affair. She’s been taking her children with her to do door-to-door visits.

“I’m just trying to get the word out that there is a solid alternative,” said Bialek.

“I’m going to hit the streets hard for the next week,” said Bristol. “I’ve been visiting homes around my area and have been getting a lot of support and encouragement. I’m taking it one day at a time, but I feel confident in what I have been able to do in my campaign so far.”

Lauretti said although his campaign doesn’t include door-to-door visits anymore, it is something that he takes pride in and he has focused on in past elections.

“I did door-to-doors for years. The fact is that the two candidates together will never do as many doors as I’ve done myself. When I first decided to run I became a student of this job. I worked this job every single day.”

Bialek said in her travels throughout the community she was surprised to hear the amount of people in support of her vision for the city.

The mayor said he is still unclear as to what the other two candidates’ “platform” or reason for running is. He responded to Bialek’s vision of bringing more culture to the city in addition to its developments by saying, “She can do that but she doesn’t need to be the mayor to do that.”

“It’s easy to make a statement,” added Lauretti. “It’s another thing to see the big picture.”

Lauretti said he had no words for his opponents. Bialek and Bristol both were more vocal.

“Michele is a very strong opponent and I wish her the best of luck. For Mayor Lauretti, win or lose I am not going away,” said Bristol.

“I just want people to get out and vote,” said Bialek. “If I see the percentage of voter turnout increase than that’s a win for me. Obviously I would love to be the new servant of the city and get a lot of stuff done, but I know it’s an uphill battle. I want people to think and have their voices heard.”