Mayoral debate set, minus one

Democratic candidate in the upcoming mayoral election, Michele Bialek said it’s not too late for Mayor Mark Lauretti to change his mind about participating in the upcoming debate that will take place on Oct. 19.

“He still has a chance and we are all so excited,” said Bialek. “Timothy and I are both ready. If he would like to change his mind and share with everyone in the city his plans for the future than he is more than welcome. I would like to reiterate I am excited for the chance to honorably and openly debate our stances and our visions. At this point it is all about our visions and our plans to accomplish them.”

Bialek said she feels as though when one runs for mayor they are essentially applying for a job and should therefore be obligated to interview for the job as well as share their vision with the public.

“Mayor Lauretti keeps saying ‘You know what I can do, I’ve been proven, let’s keep on the same track,’ the truth is it’s that it’s just roped at this point. 24 years is a long time to have the same vision and I would like to know that he has something planned for our future. If he does he needs to communicate that with us because we are in a different era,“ said Bialek.

Two of  the three candidates for the mayor of Shelton will debate before the November election.

Candidates Michele Bialek and Timothy Bristol (official write-in, unaffiliated) will be the participants; the Bridgeport Area League of Women Voters will be moderating.

Bristol said he disagreed with Lauretti not participating in the debate in a letter he wrote to the editor, seen on page 4A of this paper.

“There is one problem with this debate, the mayor isn’t going to be there. Not because he has more important matters to attend to. Not because he is unable to attend, but because he ‘Does not debate.’ He refuses to engage either Michele or myself in any debate, and is denying the people of Shelton a chance to have their voices heard,” said Bristol. “He was elected by the people of Shelton, to serve the people of Shelton. It is time we remind him of that.

Lauretti was unable to be reached for immediate comment but for more updates on the story check out

The session is set for Monday, Oct. 19, 7 p.m. at Shelton Intermediate School, 675 Constitution Blvd N.