Medical center patients gain more access

Griffin Hospital Occupational Medical Center at 100 Commerce Drive has been named an EHE-certified preventive care center.

EHE International is a nationally-recognized leader in preventive medicine and annual physical exams.

Through Griffin Hospital Occupational Medical Center, EHE members in the Shelton region now have greater access to its preventive care program to help them proactively maintain their health.

“EHE is proud to add Griffin Hospital Occupational Medical Center to its growing private provider network. Because of their friendly staff and state of the art facilities, EHE looks forward to working with the Griffin Hospital Occupational Medical Center,” said Deborah McKeever, president of EHE International. “EHE members will benefit from the expertise and experience of Griffin Hospital Occupational Medical Center care doctors who have met our high professional and practice standards earning them the ‘EHE Certified’ status.”

EHE International’s physician network spans across 42 states.

“EHE’s continued expansion in the Shelton area and across the United States is a sign that more and more employers are realizing the benefits of standardized clinical protocols in preventive health and annual exams,” said McKeever. “It is well-recognized that a focus on prevention helps control future healthcare costs, improves productivity and allows employees to proactively manage their own health. EHE has a century of experience in caring for employers’ greatest asset, its employees.”

For more information: or 203-944-3718.