Meeting held to discuss Derby-Shelton bridge renovation

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) held a stakeholder kickoff meeting on the design of renovations and enhancements to the Shelton-Derby bridge on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

During this time, members of the community along with town officials were given the opportunity to meet the design team and learn about the project. This included preliminary concept plans and an anticipated timeline.

The meeting was held at the Avalon of Shelton, a residential apartment building, and featured members of the design and engineer team presenting their ideas for the bridge. Naugatuck Valley Council of Government member Mark C. Nielsen, who is also the director of planning, gave a PowerPoint presentation that displayed some of the plans in more detail.

Although no official plans were presented, those in attendance were able to voice their opinion on the ideas that were displayed.

The consulting engineer for the project is AECOM, while the project administrator is NVCOG.

The preliminary date for the bridge design is Oct. 2017, while the semi final design will be Sept. 2018. A complete final design is estimated to be completed by Dec. 2018, and the construction will begin in approximately March of 2019.

The proposed plan includes maintaining one lane in each direction, the construction of pedestrian lanes for bike riders, a seating area with benches and tables, and a places where people can also walk across the bridge. The plan shared at the Tuesday night meeting also included barriers for the pedestrian side to provide safety from oncoming traffic.

This project will create a connection between the Riverwalk in Shelton and the Derby Greenway/Naugatuck River Greenway in Derby.

“We want to connect both of the directions for the pedestrians. We want to be able to have people from the train stations be able to commute back and forth when they need to,” said Nielsen.

The rest of the meeting consisted of Q & A with the audience, where people voiced concerns about noise and questioned whether or not the bridge should include a seating area.