Missing cat: Vinny is a black cat with a white patch on his chest

A Shelton family is looking for their lost cat, Vinny, a long-haired black cat with a white patch on his chest.

He was last seen at the family’s home in Huntington Heights Condominium Complex, New Year’s Day. The complex is located near where Meadow Street turns into Perry Hill Road.

Owner, Lynette Pacenti, said she is concerned because it’s been cold outside and Vinny is an indoor cat and has been declawed.

Vinny came to Pacenti as a rescue cat. In 2011, Vinny, his mother and a sibling were left at Indian Well State Park, when he was weeks old, Pacenti said.. His mom and brother were hit by a car crossing the road, and Vinny survived.

If you have seen Vinny, call Lynette Pacenti at 203-913-5279.