Native oak tree donated to Shelton Land Conservation Trust

 Recently, The Olde Ripton Garden Club donated a native Pin Oak Tree to The Shelton Land Conservation Trust.  The Land Trust planted the tree together with the Garden Club next to the nature trail on their Lane Street property.

The Federated Garden Club of CT assisted the Olde Ripton Garden Club in the purchase of the tree.  Their program “Growing Together” is attempting to plant a native oak tree in every community in the State where there is a member garden club.  The purpose is to help communities work in harmony to preserve our native pollinators such as bees and butterflies by providing the food that they eat which will ultimately benefit our ecosystem.

Oak trees are our state and national tree and they live hundreds of years.  They are well suited to New England landscapes and are the perfect wildlife plant, supporting over 517 species of moths and butterflies.  Without these insects we lose our native birds.  Seventy percent of our native forests along the Eastern seaboard are gone.

The Shelton Land Conservation Trust was chosen as a partner in the program since they are dedicated to preserving and protecting open space in the community.  The 17-acre Lane Street parcel was donated to the Trust by Guila G. Hawley, a long-time Shelton resident in 1980.  Ms. Hawley donated the land because she was determined to keep the land in its natural state declining lucrative offers by developers until deeding it to the Trust.

For more information about the Shelton Land Conservation Trust visit their website at  Information regarding the Olde Ripton Garden Club is available at