New alderman has big shoes to fill

Following the resignation of Third-Ward Alderman Lynn Farrell, the Board of Aldermen announced at its July 13 meeting that her replacement is the former chair of the city’s board of Apportionment and Taxation, Cris Balamaci.

“Recently I was approached to become a Third-Ward alderman due to the resignation of Ms. Farrell,” said Balamaci. “I have big shoes to fill, but I am very honored and humbled to serve in this capacity.”

Board of Aldermen President John Anglace said Balamaci is a good fit for the new position.

“Given her experience on the Board of Apportionment and Taxation and her familiarity with the budget, her business background and her military service she makes an excellent choice to serve on the Board of Aldermen,” said Anglace. “We are indeed fortunate to have such talented Shelton residents who are willing to serve our city despite their already busy travel and work schedule.”

Anglace said replacing a professional female such as former Third-Ward alderman Lynn Farrell wasn’t easy, but with another such person of similar accomplishments in Balamaci, “this was indeed a positive step for the city of Shelton.”

In most cases an alderman is voted in by the public, but in the case of a resignation the remaining alderman of the same political party appoint a replacement to serve until the next election.  This November, all Aldermen will stand for election, according to Anglace.

The same is true of any board where a vacancy exists. Balamaci’s vacancy on the Board of A&T will be filled by the remaining members from the same political party.

Balamaci said she is entering the position with hopes of making a difference in the community.

“Shelton is a great place to live and over the years I have observed its economic and residential growth,” said Balamaci. “I would like to ensure to the residents of the third ward that I am a voice for any concerns or matters that may impact them while residing in Shelton.

“As a former commissioned officer in the U.S.A.F. serving at a Strategic Air Command Base (45th Space Wing) linked to the Space Shuttle program, my leadership and problem-solving skills were cultivated and tested on a regular basis,” said Balamaci. “As a Board-Certified Physician Associate (PA), I served in the Biomedical Science Corps with duty, honor, country as our daily creed.  This dedication doesn’t end when one separates from the armed forces, but instead is a transferable commitment to the community in which you reside and in my case desire to serve.”