P&Z Chair responds to burlesque cafe rumors

The recent controversy on social media regarding a business, originally promoted as an upscale Gentleman’s Club, proposing to open on Old Bridgeport Avenue has raised a valid concern in our community.

It is important to know however, that the P&Z Commission has not received an application regarding such a proposal or any proposal for that location as yet. If, and when an application is received, it will be put on the Commission’s agenda for discussion at the next Commission meeting.

It is also noted that the proposed business has been granted a liquor permit from the State Liquor Control Division without P&Z Commission input. How they obtained that permit is currently under review and the Liquor Control Division has been notified.

If approval is requested for a restaurant or other food service establishment at that location, it would be subject to the submission of an application for a Certificate of Zoning

Compliance along with a detailed Statement of Use as per P&Z regulations. If the business is in fact proposing to offer adult entertainment, the application would be denied as it is not a permitted use.

Any business operating in violation of the law, or its condition of approval, would be subject to appropriate action.

While there are some who have chosen to make this a political issue, I would just like to make my position clear - adult entertainment venues are not the type of business wanted in Shelton, nor one that I would ever personally support.