P&Z devises plan to make Shelter Ridge decision

Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission Ruth Parkins said due to the size of the application she thinks it was most efficient for the commission to create an outline to proceed with the decision process for Towne Center at Shelter Ridge.

“There was a lot of information presented and many many comments, so I believe an outline will make it easier for the commission to prepare for each discussion,” said Parkins.

The commission was granted 65 days from the close of the hearing on Sept. 21 to vote on the application. The 65-day period means the commission has until Nov. 25 to accept, deny or accept with modifications. According to Parkins, the commission may also request an extension from the applicant if members think it is necessary.

After the close of the hearing, no new information may be presented to the commission. Members may not discuss the application with the public or the applicant, but they may seek clarification on information that was already presented to them.

Parkins suggested the commission proceed with its decision-making process at its Nov. 9 special meeting by focusing on land use, both retail and residential, as well as the site layout in regard to parking.

She suggested, and commission members agreed, that they will proceed with the process at their Nov. 16 special meeting, when they will discuss on- and off-site traffic.

The six members of the commission participating in the decision will be commissioners Anthony Pagoda, Jimmy Tickey, Virginia Harger, Ned Miller, Elaine Matto, and Parkins. Mayor Mark Lauretti may also comment on the application and agreed with Parkins on the need for a thorough plan to decide on the application in order to assure the best future for the city.