PHOTOS: Bear is spotted again in Shelton

The Shelton bear was within four feet of a window at a Daybreak Lane house in Shelton on early Thursday morning.

“That’s a little too close for comfort,” said Robin Friend, who took these photos from her home and saw the bear in her yard on Wednesday afternoon and again on Thursday morning.

Shelton police officers and state environmental conservation (EnCon) officers have visited Daybreak Lane regularly since Monday due to sightings of the bear.

On Thursday, Friend was communicating again with state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) officials about the situation.

On Wednesday at slightly past noon, the bear removed a bird feeder from Friend’s yard, laid down in the yard and began eating the bird food. She has since removed all birdfeeders from her yard.

On the morning of Thursday, May 7 at about 6:30 a.m., Friend saw the bear only a few feet from a window in her home.

The bear has a noticeable gash in its rear area, which Friend said appeared to be visibly “raw.” She said she doesn’t want the bear hurt, but does think it may be time to have it tranquilized and moved to a more rural setting.

Friend has two teenage children, and said there are many younger children who live on her road.

Friend said other residents on the road, a dead-end street off Old Stratford Road, also have seen the bear. “It brings everyone together when there’s a bear in the neighborhood,” she said.

Where is Daybreak Lane?

The first sighting on Daybreak Lane appears to have been on Monday night. Daybreak Lane is between Old Stratford Road, Armstrong Road and the Route 8 highway. It is close to the Stratford border.

Daybreak Lane also backs up to the Cranberry Estates residential development off Armstrong Road, which includes a series of shorter roads.
Other roads in the immediate vicinity include Partridge Lane, Dome Drive, Warner Hill Road, Sterling Ridge, Far Mill Crossing, James Farm Road, Peters Lane and Coppel Lane. The Farm Mill River condo complex in Stratford is nearby as well
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State agency offers advice on avoiding problems with bears; click below:
The neighborhood has wooded areas, a cleared pathway for power lines, and a large swampy area that includes Cranberry Pond. The Black Brook is located near Daybreak Lane and Route 8 in the vicinity.

Earlier Shelton bear sightings

The first bear sightings in Shelton were last Thursday, April 30, when it was seen in Huntington and near the Bridgeport Avenue commercial corridor.

The April 30 sightings were on:

— Brownson Drive (off Soundview Avenue, close to the Huntington Green)

— Wesley Drive (near Buddington Road and Huntington Street)

— Mill Street (close to Bridgeport Avenue)

— Long Hill Cross Road (near Bridgeport Avenue)

— Old Stratford Road (Center at Split Rock, close to Route 8)

There were no reported sightings again until Monday, May 4, when the bear was seen in the evening for the first time on Daybreak Lane.

Additional bear sightings have taken place since then on Daybreak Lane and later Thursday on nearby Long Hill Cross Road, so it appears the bear has temporarily settled in this area.