PHOTOS: Debris removal work begins at downtown Shelton fire site

Demolition removal work appears to have started at the site of the massive fire on Jan. 6 in downtown Shelton. (Feb. 24 photos by Brad Durrell)

A chain-link fence has been put up around the site, and on Monday a large piece of construction equipment began moving debris. Similar work has not taken place at the location since a few weeks after the fire.

Workers also were observed on top of the small building with a few storefronts that survived the blaze, which displaced the residents of 23 apartments and destroyed about a half-dozen storefronts.

The workers appeared to be moving items such as wood planks off the roof, and shoveling snow from on top of the building.

Large amounts of debris have been moved from near this surviving building, allowing for a better view of the structural damage. The structure’s large basement also is becoming more visible as additional debris is moved.

The Jan. 6 fire destroyed much of a city block along Howe Avenue, bordered by Bridge Street (Viaduct Square) on the north. The main structure that was destroyed dated back to the 1800s.

No one was injured in the late-night fire, with firefighters using tower ladders to remove some apartment dwellers from third-floor windows.