PHOTOS: New Shelton animal shelter taking shape — in steel

The steel frame has gone up for the city’s new animal shelter on Riverdale Avenue.

Gerry Craig, Animal Shelter Building Committee chairman, said the structure’s roof should be completed soon as well. “Then the outside can be buttoned up and they can do inside work,” Craig said.

The goal is to open the $1.4-million facility in April, with the interior being completed during the winter months.

“Hopefully, assuming good weather, we can make the target date,” Craig said.

Will replaced antiquated facility

Craig and other committee members have been monitoring progress on the project, which is being overseen by Milford-based Bismark Construction. The building was designed by Wiles Architects of Bridgeport.

“This project is important to the city because the current shelter is old and in terrible condition,” Craig said. “It’s really falling down — if we fix one thing, then four or five things break.”

The new facility also will be much larger, at 6,000 square feet compared to the current 1,500-square-foot facility. The new structure is being built close to the existing facility and has a residential-type design to blend in with nearby homes.

Promote adoption

Craig said the new animal shelter will provide a safe, temporary place for pets, and promote adoption with a “living room” setup so people can meet dogs and cats they may adopt.

Also, the larger and more modern facility is intended to educate youngsters and children on the importance of neutering, spaying and treating animals in a humane manner.

The new animal shelter will have room for 30 dogs and 20 cats.