PHOTOS: See images from governor’s visit to a Shelton preschool

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy visited the Susanna Wesley School in Shelton to promote the importance of pre-kindergarten programs.

Here are some photos from Malloy’s visit. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Malloy highighted a privately-funded local program, called Businesses Enriching Scholars Together (BEST), that pays for some children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend Susanna Wesley School.

“Every kid has that natural curiosity,” said Terry Jones, a well-known farmer in Shelton who also serves on the state Board of Education. Jones helped start the BEST program with Susanna Wesley School director Roberta Cenci, and Jones Family Farms is one of the program's financial supporters.

The nonprofit Susanna Wesley School serves youngsters ages 2 to 5, and all the BEST-assisted children are 4 years old.. The school is located at the Huntington United Methodist Church campus on Walnut Tree Hill Road.

“Too many kids in Connecticut don’t have access to early childhood education,” said Malloy, noting youngsters without such education often have trouble catching up with their peers as they advance through the school system.