PHOTOS: Wild turkey in Shelton doesn’t mind the snow, thank you

The wild turkey that’s been living on Bridgeport Avenue near the Center at Split Rock shopping center was wandering around again late Tuesday afternoon, apparently unfazed by all the snow. (Jan. 27 photos by Brad Durrell)

The wild turkey appeared to be searching for food on the roadway, at the intersection with Old Stratford Road/Commerce Drive.

A limited number of drivers were on the roads at the time due to the new snow, but some motorists did have to maneuver to avoid hitting the wild turkey.

Wildlife rehabitators are concerned the wild turkey could cause an accident at four-way intersection, one of the busiest in the city, and be harmed in the process.

The wild turkey has been highly visible in that immediate area for a number of months regularly walking around the intersection and nearby spots.

Wildlife rehabitators are urging people not to purposely feed the wild turkey, hoping it might then head back into a wooded area.

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