Paint recycling program with new fee begins July 1

The state is moving forward with a plan to recycle paint that will add a fee of 35 cents to $1.60 on paint purchases in Connecticut, depending on container size.

The fee and recycling program will begin July 1, and is part of an ongoing effort in Connecticut to recycle more products — such as electronic waste and soon, mattresses.

PaintCare, a nonprofit organization set up by the paint industry, has worked with state environmental officials to finalize the plan for recycling unused and leftover paint.

Locations to drop off unwanted paint

People will be able to drop-off the unwanted paint at stores that sell paint, municipal transfer stations and some other locations to be established by PaintCare.

The law mandates that paint manufacturers create and fund an easy-to-use, cost-effective and environmentally responsible program to manage post-consumer paint in Connecticut.

The program will be funded by a “recovery fee” added to the purchase price of paint at retailers throughout the state. The recovery fee will range from 35 cents to $1.60 per container.