Parkins announces candidacy for State Rep. 113

Ruth Parkins, the Republican Chairman of Shelton’s Planning and Zoning Commission, has announced her candidacy for Shelton’s 113th District seat in the State House of Representatives.

“In Hartford, my goal is to work for a more efficient and effective government with less regulation and elimination of unfunded mandates that create hardships for municipalities, residents, and businesses trying to survive in this tough economic climate. Connecticut’s continued spend and tax approach has caused economic uncertainty in the private sector, negatively impacting growth and job creation. Long-term spending reforms are needed now -- it’s time for a new approach in State Government.”

Parkins said she is hopeful that her efforts and mindset will be equally effective at the state level.

“Through my leadership positions, I have played a major role in the redevelopment of downtown Shelton and the continued economic success of the City. I’m proud of my contributions and commitment to making Shelton a thriving community and I’d like to continue my efforts at the State level.”

A long-time resident of Shelton, Parkins is employed by the Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company as Manager of Public Affairs.  She is the proud mother of two daughters, Jessica and Sarah.

Parkins has served on the Planning & Zoning Commission since 2007 and has been Chairman since 2009.  She also serves on the P&Z Downtown Subcommittee, the Shelton Economic Development Commission Executive Board and the Naugatuck Valley Council of Government’s Regional Planning Commission.