Parrotheads gather under the stars in Huntington

There was no rain, no bugs to annoy you, and ice cream available for purchase — it was a spectacular evening for a summer concert on the green in Huntington.

Kids, babies, and adults of all ages flooded the Huntington Green to celebrate a night and remembrance of the beloved music of Jimmy Buffett on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

The Parrotheads, a tribute band of the iconic music artist who originated in the 1960’s, performed and rocked out the audience as they sang the popular hits and then some.

“I liked the music they sang, it was pretty cool. My mom always likes to introduce me to different types of music. She says it’s good to like a variety,” said Jason Beron of Shelton.

Beron spoke of how he [being a kid] always listened to one genre of music, and that his mother said that it is good to open up his ears to different kinds. He said music is what helps him get through times when he is stressed out.

Hearing some of these classics took the baby boomers back in time where things were much more mellow and they could sit in their chairs remembering the good old days. Kids were introduced to an era of music that was most popular when their parents or friends grew up.

Buffet was known for his combination of country, folk, rock and pop music.

“It was really nice to hear the music that I grew up with,” said Shelton resident Patrick Mayger.

Mayger said he remembered the time when his dad introduced him to his first Jimmy Buffett record as a young boy.

“I remember on summer nights, we’d dance to Margaritaville.”

The sounds of classic hits that Parrotbeach played were not limited to Buffet’s catalogue, other songs the band performed ranged from Brown-Eyed Girl,Margaritaville, Hot Hot Hot, Could This Be Love, and many others.

Kids danced with shark heads and the band members — Remy St. Martin, Mojito, Jah, Hurricane Harris and Jax — encouraged the audience to sing along and dance. At one point, they even joked offering free ice cream to everyone if everyone danced along.

“Tonight, was a nice night that I got to have with my husband. We have been Buffett fans for like forever. Parrotbeach was an amazing band tonight; we enjoyed ourselves,” said Sarah Spigah of Shelton.

Spigah mentioned how nice it was nice to get out to enjoy live music.

“I feel like they [Parrotheads] brought me back in time. I always listened to Buffett when I was in college. Sometimes the music made studying for the toughest exams a whole lot better.”

Parrotheads was a part of the Music Under the Stars concert series presented by Shelton Parks and Recreation. The series of concerts take place each Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. on the green.

Midnight Rodeo, a new country music-style band, will be performing on Aug.23, and the final concert of the series will be The Barron’s on Aug. 30. All concerts are free. Rain dates are on the following evening.