Partnership creates new ways to help Shelton High scholarships and awards

The Valley Community Foundation (VCF) will now manage all scholarship and award funds for Shelton High School.

The new partnership between VCF and Shelton High is intended to sustain and build a substantial scholarship and recognition program benefiting students at the high school.

This decision was made “after very careful consideration and with the full support of the superintendent of schools and the Shelton Board of Education,” said Beth Smith, SHS headmaster.

“It is my firm belief that this move will achieve my goal of sustainability for our awards programs, which will continue to benefit the students of Shelton High School,” Smith said.

'Expand the opportunities'

Sharon Closius, VCF president and CEO, said the foundation will work “to ensure the scholarship and award funds remain a viable philanthropic vehicle benefiting Shelton students for years to come and to expand the opportunities to grow the pool.”

Both Smith and Closius praised people in the community who donate money for SHS scholarship and award funds.

Maximizing the return on donations

“The VCF’s consistent average return will maximize the value of our scholarship and award donations,” Smith said. “ Instead of sitting in a savings account, our funds will now be professionally managed. Donors will have a choice to set up a permanent award or one that will be spent down over time.

“I want to emphasize that the criteria and selection process will not change,” she continued. “The Shelton High School staff will continue to coordinate the selection committees and recipient notification,” she said.

Different forms of assets

An added benefit of this partnership is the foundation’s capacity to accept different forms of assets for existing and new funds involving the high school. Securities, real estate and insurance policies can now be accepted.

Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts also are options to help build the program. VCF can assist in estate planning ideas such as designating a scholarship or award as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance or bank accounts.

Philanthropic funds in the future

School Supt. Freeman Burr said he envisions a collection of philanthropic funds to benefit education in Shelton.

These would focus on four areas: student award and scholarships; teacher creativity, innovation and resources; early childhood; and quality time (before and after school programs, summer programs, etc.).

Anyone wanting to make a donation to benefit Shelton High scholarship and award funds can call VCF at 203-751-9162.