People of the Week: Jon Albers and Brooke Santagata-Albers

 Some ice cream, alcohol and a truck: an inside look at Tipsy Cones

Two Shelton High School alumni have mobilized their passion for providing people with happiness and threw in some alcohol while they were at it.

Jon Albers and Brooke Santagata-Albers are the creators of Tipsy Cones—the traveling food truck that serves homemade ice cream made with some of your favorite alcoholic beverages.

“There’s just something about the face people make when you hand them an ice cream cone,” said Albers. “It’s such a pure form of happiness.”

According to Albers, they both have experience working in corporate restaurants and that has influenced their diligence in providing their customers with the best experience possible.

The couple’s business is based in Stratford, where they cook up their variety of flavors in a 90-square-foot kitchen that used to be a laundry room.

Santagata-Albers makes the ice cream herself and clarified that the ice cream is in fact prepared with alcohol, but by the time it is served the freezer has already “killed the proof.”

The truck is not required to have a liquor license, according to Santagata-Albers.

“It’s all for flavor,” said Santagata-Albers. “I was a bartender for years, and when I used to make some frozen drinks I would catch myself thinking, These would make a much better ice cream. My very first job was actually an ice cream scooper. Look at us now.”

Albers is the truck’s server, scooper, and is also the “taster” during the preparation period.

Tipsy Cones now features more than 30 flavors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice cream and sorbet, as well as vegetarian options. Gaining popularity, the truck can be seen at local events such as food truck festivals and Celebrate Shelton’s First Saturdays, which take place every month. They are also available for catering, the owners said.The couple said things have just been falling into place for them and recalled purchasing on Craigslist the truck from which their business is run.
“This truck was meant for Brooke and Jon the whole time,” said Santagata-Albers.

Albers said they are extremely pleased with the direction their business is headed in and he attributes their success to seriously committing to their business plan.

“We’ve been getting a bigger following, which is really exciting considering we started from just an idea. We realized that we had a lot of support and the idea just worked for us. A huge part of our success comes from making great ice cream, but the rest just comes from going all in,” said Albers. “We just Hail Mary’d it.”

The business’s success has inspired the owners to pass along a message to other people with an idea they are passionate about.

“Everything we didn’t know how to do when we started out we researched and learned online,” said Santagata-Albers. “In this day and age, if there’s something you want to do, just do it. Anyone can do it. The information is out there — you just have to be willing to work hard and go out and make things happen. It’s not going to happen for you.”