Perillo wins 113th District primary over Parkins

Five-term incumbent State Rep. of District 113 Jason Perillo took more than 90% of the votes in Shelton’s primary election against Planning and Zoning Chairman Ruth Parkins Tuesday night, according to the unofficial results calculated by Perillo’s campaign.

The unofficial results show that Perillo won by a count of 1,051 votes to 109 for Parkins.

In a time of triumph Perillo shied away from taking the credit for his victory. During his victory speech he thanked all volunteers involved in his campaign and said teamwork has been a major key.

“That’s how you win. Teams win,” said Perillo.“And we as a Republican party here in Shelton understand that, we know what teamwork is and we know how to win. Not just elections, we know how to win for residents of Shelton and of Connecticut, teamwork.”

Perillo said going into this race he knew he was the favorite but wasn’t expecting such a one-sided turnout by voters.

The unofficial results of the election stated that at Elizabeth Shelton School, Perillo won by a margin of 422 to 60 and at Shelton Intermediate School, the same result occurred by him collecting 552 votes to Parkins’ 44. Perillo also earned 77 absentee votes to his counterparts 5.

Perillo said he believes the results of this election will unify Shelton’s Republican party and he paid respect to Parkins for running.

“It’s always very difficult to put your name forward as a candidate. It takes courage and I think we need to recognize that,” said Perillo.

Fourth Ward Alderman Jim Capra said the people’s voices were heard in this election and he believes Perillo will continue to represent Shelton in the best way possible.

“Ruth Parkins said at the RTC meeting, ‘Don’t let the old timers decide, let the people decide’ and the people said they love Jason Perillo and have since day one,” said Capra.

State Rep. of District 122 Ben McGorty said he is proud of Perillo’s success.

“Working with Jason up at the Capitol, I can vouch for how much of an effective leader he is,”said McGorty.

With much momentum in Perillo’s favor, Parkins had the support from Shelton’s Mayor Mark Lauretti and was aware of the battle she was up against.

“We knew going into this that it would be an uphill challenge against an incumbent, but we worked hard and accomplished our goal of giving voters a choice and getting them engaged in the process,” said Parkins in an email early Wednesday morning. “Although there is no benchmark to measure against for a primary turnout, I believe the 29% (1077 out of 3,600) reached was a fairly good turnout...”

Parkins also extended her appreciation to the people who supported her.

Before enjoying the celebration, Perillo said his hard work will continue through the election in November, where he will face off against Shelton’s Democratic party nominee Adam Heller, who is a member of the city Board of Apportionment and Taxation.

“On to November. I’ve spent the last two months speaking with voters so I think I’m going to take tomorrow off, but come Thursday I’ll get back to doing the same thing to hear what they have to say,” said Perillo. “Thank you to all of the voters for your faith in me.”