Perillo wins big in race for District 113

Shelton’s incumbent Republicans won big Tuesday night in the 2016 elections for State Representative of Districts 113 & 122 as well as the race for State Senate.

Incumbent State Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113) said he wasn’t expecting the results of his race against his Democratic challenger Adam Heller to turn out the way they did.

“Those are pretty big numbers. It just makes me proud that the residents of Shelton have put so much faith in and support behind me,” said Perillo after it was announced he had earned 8,090 votes in comparison to the 3,017 residents who voted for Heller.

Perillo said he was proud to see that he had more than just Republican voters support.

“I earned 73 percent of the folks who voted in Shelton, that’s saying something,” said Perillo.

The incumbent republican said he plans to continue his work towards improving the quality of life for residents within the city and statewide.

“I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and driving the policies that I and we believe in, just keep pushing,” said Perillo. “Residents in Shelton clearly appreciate and understand the direction that Republican team has taken Shelton in and they can expect that continued effort, and then some. We’re going to continue to be aggressive and continue to make things happen, not just here within the city but also in Hartford.”

Perillo said while he is enjoying his victory, his work is far from over.

“There’s no such thing as slowing down and there’s certainly no room for stopping. There’s no room for stagnation here,” said Perillo. “The minute you get complacent is the minute we fail to achieve for Shelton and I refuse to get complacent.”

Perillo made a speech following the announcement of his victory where he thanked the residents of Shelton for their ongoing support.

“Tomorrow’s another day, we’re going to continue to work hard for the wellbeing of our residents and that will never change,” said Perillo.

Heller said following the results of the election that he was proud of his campaign and he thinks it will benefit the city’s Democratic party.

“The race went very well and I think Shelton showed they’re willing to discuss changes that need to be made. I’m happy I ran the race, I think Jason did a great job too” said Heller. “If we keep this up Republicans are going to have to see us as a party to contend with and are going to have to start answering some things.”

Presidential and State Senate races

Shelton voters spoke loud and clear Tuesday night. Incumbent Sen. Kevin Kelly (R) earned 71 percent of the unofficial votes against his Democratic opponent Prez Palmer. Supporter of Kelly, Perillo said he was proud of the races he and State Rep. Ben McGorty (R-122) ran this year.

“The voters understand the change we need in Hartford. They understand the problems from the Malloy administration and they understand that it takes Republican solutions to change this state,” said Perillo. “What a wonderful job that Shelton does to deliver for candidates that do the right thing day in and day out.”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump earned 10,500 votes compared to his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton’s 6,701 votes.

Mayor Mark Lauretti said the results of this 2016 election will result in more success for the city and will ultimately impact Hartford.

Before the results of the Presidential election were announced, Lauretti voiced his support for Trump.

“Let’s go Trump, let’s drain the swamp,” said Lauretti.