Perry Hill odor update

The following letter was sent out by Perry Hill Principal Lorraine Williams to parents of students at the school.

Dear Perry Hill Parents and Guardians:

As you are aware, some concern has been raised regarding an odor in Perry Hill School. We continue to be proactive and work to identify the odor.

We have certainly taken this seriously and continue to take steps to correct the issue. We are working closely with Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet, and Director of Operations, Mr. John Calhoun.

As previously reported, a rusted sprinkler head was found in one of the classrooms. We also discovered old paint brushes in a classroom. A thorough cleaning was completed. The sprinkler head and ceiling tiles were replaced, and the paint brushes were removed. Odor in that

particular hallway has greatly subsided since these steps were taken.

The rooftop units have been inspected and filters have been changed if needed. These units are also inspected on a quarterly basis.

There still seems to be a concern with odor in the cafetorium and lower gym area. The lower gym was recently refinished. A water based finish was applied to the floor. There was an odor when this was originally done. Most of this has subsided.

Again, an Indoor Air Quality Assessment was conducted in the middle of September. All results came out in the recommended ranges.

I met with the PTO last Monday and explained that we are committed to figure out what is causing this odor. The district has also called OSHA and representatives from OSHA will be here on December 19th . Additionally, we met with members of the Naugatuck Valley Health Department.

Once we meet with OSHA, we plan to retest and follow any advice that is given to us. I will continue to keep you updated as more information is gained. Please give me a call with any questions.

Perry Hill Elementary School Principal Lorraine Williams