Perry Hill students complete independent research projects

The sixth grade enrichment students at Perry Hill School took what most people throw in the trash each day and turned them into upcycled wall art & creations that can be used in our daily lives.

This project started in room 218 with Mrs. Catone, the Enrichment Specialist and most days the room looked like a “recycling center.”  But, students found inspiration from art found in books and on the internet to try to recreate themselves using recycled materials.

“These sixth grade students truly went above and beyond,” said Catone. “ As a district we are always trying to think of new and exciting ideas to incorporate STEAM practices in our curriculum and this time, we were able to help our planet by Recycling and Upcycling.”

The fifth grade enrichment students at Perry Hill School have completed independent research projects about topics that intrigued their interests. Mrs. Catone, the Enrichment Specialist assigned students to brainstorm all of the interests that they have, or think about a career path they may want to pursue for this project. Some students knew exactly what they wanted to research while others started a topic and moved on to a final presentation that truly fascinated them.

“They did an amazing job listening to the suggestions of how to assemble with colorful and organized techniques to make their boards showcase their fantastic final presentations,” said Catone.

The topics ranged from sports, history, animals, computer platforms & technology, architecture careers and the arts. These independent projects were created on Google Slides and assembled on tri-fold presentation boards.