Person of the Week: Jimmy Tickey

A ‘Sheltonite’ with high hopes for the city

His days habitually start with coffee, but rarely follow any systematic schedule after that because of the many directions his endeavors pull him in. Jimmy Tickey grew up in Shelton, attended Shelton Public Schools, and continues to call it his home.

Shelton rooted with many ventures

He graduated from Fordham University in New York City with a degree in business administration and economics and is Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s campaign manager while operating his own consulting business – Jimmy’s World Network – advising small businesses, professional groups, non-profit organizations and campaigns.

His strong sense of service to his community is shown through his involvement with nonprofit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut’s Future Business Leaders of America, Shelton Educational Endowment Fund, Junior Achievement, Chamber of Commerce’s Young Emerging Professionals and True Colors, and his most recent partnering with Valley United Way.

Valley United's newest Campaign Vice-Chair

Tickey was recently announced as Valley United’s  2015-2016 Campaign Vice-Chair, working alongside Freeman Burr Superintendent of Shelton Public Schools to help raise $1,050,000 for Valley United Way and the local community. He emphasized that any money raised by Valley United stays local.

“I have been involved with them (Valley United Way) for most of my life,” said Tickey. “I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand the needs of our community and how organizations like Valley United strive to improve our region and the people’s quality of life.”

In high school, Tickey was president of Valley United’s Youth Leadership program that encourages and trains students to get involved in the community while becoming leaders. When he went off to college Tickey said he stayed in touch with Valley United so when he came back to the city he was instantly able to get reconnected.

“The C.E.O, Jack Walsh, asked me to be on the board. He always laughs because he says he always knew eventually one of his youth leaders would become his boss,” said Tickey. “I don’t think I’m his boss. He’s his own boss but nonetheless it’s been an honor to officially join the team.”

Other endeavors

In 2013, Jimmy was elected to the City of Shelton’s Planning & Zoning Commission. He believes in a business-friendly community that takes a balanced approach to development. He was previously elected to the Board of Apportionment and Taxation, where he worked to decrease the tax rate while maintaining key city services.

Tickey was recently named Connecticut’s Top 40 under 40. With all of his achievements and accolades, he remains humble with the primary intent of helping others.

“This feels very full circle,” said Tickey. “If it wasn’t for so many of our community’s leaders getting me involved and encouraging me when I was younger to stay involved I don’t think I would be where I am now. I am doing this because so many people helped me to get to this point and I wanted to help influence the younger generation. They are the future of our city.”

Is he ever not working?

In the little bit of spare time he has, Tickey said he loves surrounding himself with his friends and family. He said he loves music and even got the chance to sing on stage with Grammy Award-winning recording artist Mariah Carey.

“I feel like she’s a friend of mine,” said Tickey jokingly. “I’m still waiting on her phone call, but it was a great experience.”

He admits that the majority of his time is split among his many job titles and involvements, but Tickey said he doesn’t view it as work.

“I’ve been shown that you really can live a life of service, you can be involved and make a difference each and every day. When all of my work is done I make sure to surround myself with positivity,” said Tickey. “My jobs don’t weigh on me — this is fun. I care deeply about this city, I was born and raised here. I have such a strong commitment to Shelton and am excited to see what the future will bring.”